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An all-in-one bookmark companion to better curate the web for individuals and teams, for FREE!

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This is a place where all of your favorite links live...

In a simple, elegant, yet effective way.

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You can experience the web in an elegant way, even after it's gone

Stationian will analyze the websites you saved and determine the best way to present them without needing to go to the website, whether it's a news article, YouTube video, or Reddit post.

A page can also be captured and archived as an image so you don't have to worry about it might be gone someday.

Organize and find the links you want, Blazingly Fast


Organize and nest all of your links structurally with folders.


Tag links for refined categorization and faster filtering.

Pinned Folders

Pin your frequently accessed folders on the side bar for quicker access.


Find the folders and links you want with keywords and tags.

Use Cases

Stationian is the perfect bookmark manager for everyone


Organize creative ideas with folders and tags, and pin the current projects for faster access.


Create and share homework assignments and references folder for each class publicly to students and parents.

Scrum Masters

Organize links needed for agile deliveries, and open all links in a folder at once for stand up.


Share a collection of documents and proposals with clients privately, and tag links with project status.

Shared Station

A shared Station can be accessible by any members of the team.

Team Management

Add or remove team members and manage their rule in one place.

Audit Logs

View historical change of folders and files in the station.

Centralized Billing

Manage and pay all team members' bill in one place.

Perfect for teams as well, small or large

Why limit the bookmarks you gathered to yourself? Share and corporate the knowledge with colleagues and teammates.

And, the list of features doesn't end there...

Cross Platform

Consistent cross platform experience with Progressive Web App

Browser Extension

Native browser extension for Chrome and Chromium based browsers


Send links to Station Inbox from any browser with Bookmarklet

Share with Others

Share your collections privately with friends, or publicly with anyone

One Click Open All Links

Open all the links in a folder with push of the button

And more...

There are more exciting features to be discovered!